A New Chicken House…the Daily Farm Adventures {74}

Well, I said was interested in talking about the real costs of raising your own meat, or owning a small farm…and here’s one now. {smile}

new chicken house 1

My fellas are working on a new, hoop-house style chicken house–made of pieces of a greenhouse we salvaged from a friend. This is a pretty big undertaking and a new design–which is part of what Mr. Fix-It enjoys about farming. The creative, creating, problem-solving stuff. He enjoys re-inventing the wheel because there’s always the possibility of doing it better. {smile}

new chicken house 2

We’re building a new house because we’re increasing our laying flock and now that summer is fading, we need to get them into sturdier shelters for the winter. They’ve all been raised out in the field pen and duck pen all summer. (Have I mentioned lately that I’m really missing our ducks?) We’ll be keeping our old chicken house, of course, for future birds, sick birds, or as a brooding house for self-hatched chicks.

new chicken house 4

I think we’ll all be excited when it’s done. We’re all a little over the chicken-chaos of the free-rangers right now. They get into everything and we find chicken…piles…all over, everywhere. Mr. Fix-It drew the line when one started hopping up on his toolbox shelf in the garage and laying an egg. Every. Day. Time to exert a little control around here! (Easier said than done, but I digress…)

new chicken house 3

Needless to say, we’ll be welding and hammering and stapling this weekend between birthday parties and soccer tournaments. Follow us on Facebook to see some real-time progress being made!

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new chicken house 5

Plus hopefully updates on how much further along we are–maybe even a move in notice!

Have a good weekend!

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