I work. I mother. I farm. I keep house. (HaHaHa!) It’s fair to say we stay pretty busy during the school/work week. Last year I had finally worked out a dinner plan that managed to get us to prayer meeting on Wednesdays without resorting to fast food every single week (which wasn’t good for our budget or our stomachs!). We called it the frozen-pizza-every-Wednesday plan.

Then we started soccer and a new school, and we weren’t home long enough to cook pizza and we were out of the house 3 nights a week instead of one. I needed a new solution, fast. And it turns out I found one thanks to Kelly Lester and Easy Lunchboxes!

I’ve actually been following Kelly’s blog and some of her Neat Ideas picks for a while now. Bento boxes is one of those “wish I was that supermom” interests. (And oh, Pinterest, you feed my bad habits!) So I was very excited to reach out to her and collaborate with her on today’s review and giveaway! (And she got a kick out of my cow head in the water bucket adventure!)

We’ve been using our Easy Lunchbox set at least once a week, sometimes up to three times a week, for the last two months–and we LOVE it! The kids actually look for the cooler in the front seat when they climb in the truck on Wednesday afternoons. I can totally see how they’ve become a #1 best seller on Amazon!

We got the set of 4 containers and the orange lunch bag. (By the way, the orange lunch bag is o-r-a-n-g-e. As in “huntin’ orange” as the Cowboy would say. Or “blaze orange” as the rest of the world would say. I picked it on purpose so I wouldn’t lose track of it on the soccer field, etc. and it didn’t disappoint.)

I tend to use our own soft-sided cooler (more like this one) when packing, because I’m usually packing for at least 4, if not 5, of us at once. The Easy Lunchbox cooler seems to work best for one or two boxes, plus a drink or snacks. I line up all the boxes, pack a finger-food meal or snack in each one, and pack them all in one cooler with drinks, napkins, wet-wipes, etc. and head out the door.

My two favorite features?

  1. The tops are just as easy for little hands to open alone as advertized. This is a big deal if you’re asking your kiddos to eat on the go in the car, while you’re busy driving. Even Speedracer can open his by himself.
  2. The boxes are deeper than I was use to using Glad, Ziploc, Rubbermaid, and various other bento-box style containers. This made them much neater and easier to use in the car. No spills. They could even set a small drink in one corner of the largest section and it wouldn’t tip over.

They’re also perfect for snapping any trash and leftovers right back up and tossing them back in the cooler until we get home. Then we just throw them in the dishwasher top rack and get on with life.

They make it easy to do away with the constant plastic baggie waste, but you can also use pre-packaged foods if you want to. I’ve stuck cereal bars, rice krispy treats, and yogurt cups in them. There’s also plenty of room to tuck a fork or spoon in there. (We use kid forks for spreading peanut butter or nutella on crackers.)

Oh yeah, and the crew would like to tell you that their favorite part is that they come in everyone’s favorite color. (Which isn’t true since there isn’t a pink one, but apparently the Ladybug has learned to accept red as a version of pink and since I picked the orange cooler, orange is now my favorite color! {grin})

We have been SO happy with our Easy Lunchboxes the last couple months! They make it so much easier to pack real food on the go. I can feel like my kids got a real meal, even if it’s a finger-food meal. I can include all the food groups. I can focus on whole foods. I can ncluded dips and spreads.

If I had to come up with a suggestion, it would be that the depth of the box makes the compartments a little big for kid-size helpings of things. But voila, Kelly came up with the mini dippers to add more compartments and problem solved!

And she’s been super-generous to offer one Walking in High Cotton reader their own Easy Lunchbox set as well! One 4-set of containers and a cooler bag in your choice of their 7 colors. Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below and spread the word for your chance to win!

(This giveaway is offered to US residents onlyPlease do not enter this giveaway if you have won or received free product from EasyLunchboxes within the past 3 months.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You know, Christmas is coming and an Easy Lunchbox set would make a great gift for a busy, health-conscious momma in your life! You can even get FREE SHIPPING by ordering $25 or more from their Amazon store.

{While this rave review is all my own gushing about how much I love these products as a busy working momma–this giveaway is sponsored by Easy Lunchbox and does contain affiliate links. We received one 4-set of Easy Lunchbox containers and a cooler bag to review. Affiliate links at Walking in High Cotton never affect your price. For more information visit Disclosure.}




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Busy Mom’s Dinner On-the-Go Solution {Easy Lunchbox Giveaway!!} — 10 Comments

  1. Oh, I love these!
    I’ve been searching for a good option for us – some kind of system that is flexible. Need something that Daddy can use for lunches at work, something for Mommy and toddler when we go out, and something that let’s us all have a picnic…this seems like the best solution thus far!

    Crossing all my fingers and toes on this one!

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