I’m a crafty sort of person. When my kiddos need something for school, I’ve got twine, paper, glue, scissors, thread, fabric scraps, buttons, construction paper, markers, chalk, pipe cleaners, dried macaroni, googly-eyes, yarn, miscellaneous sheets of transparency from report covers and craft supply packages…all the usual crafty suspects. But when the Ladybug went to build her model of Jupiter (and 4 of the 63 moons!) we ran into a couple things I just wasn’t quite prepared for and we had to do quite a bit of scavenging to make it work out.

craft supplies 1With one last-minute trip to Michael’s–which was very painful to my pocketbook! (Not so much in total dollars spent–as in the psychological pain of knowing I could have gotten it for less than half that price if I had time to shop around!)

So moving forward, here’s some unexpected craft supplies that we’ll be rounding out our craft closet with in the coming years to make sure I don’t find myself paying double again.

1. Styrofoam balls. Also referred to as floral craft foam balls. We’ll be hitting Amazon for a few packs of these in various sizes, and preserving them only for the most desperate of circular projects. That Jupiter cost more than all the other supplies we used put together! (I’ve also got my eye on our local thrift stores, because I’ve seen these but never thought about snagging them before.)

craft supplies 2

2. Acrylic Paint. We had a bit of Crayola paint, but washable paint just wasn’t up to the demands of 3rd grade science–especially when you figure in that $14 worth of styrofoam planets and moons! Acrylic paint covers just about anything, mixes well, and is reasonably priced online or in the craft store. And it’s still fairly washable–as I discovered this weekend!

3. Multi-size Paint Brushes. Apparently we’ve moved past the one-size-fits-all paint brush style of the last few years. We need details. We need layers. We need stripes and clouds and “the eye of Jupiter.” We got these simple art brushes for the Ladybug to go along with our chubby brushes and they seemed to fit the need right now.

craft supplies 34. Mixing Cups. Wondering how I know acrylic paint is semi-washable? Yeah, they used my saucers for mixing bowls. Now we have a 4-set of awesome no-spill-and-store paint cups (similar to these, but we got ours at a craft store and the lids are hinged so you can’t lose them!), but from here on out, I’ll also be washing and saving individual yogurt cups for future mixing cups.

5. Chopsticks. Who knew, right? Never again will we say “no thank you” to the complementary chopsticks in our to-go orders! They are like mounting-hardware extraordinaire! And keeping them around will save me a lot of pencils!

craft supplies 46. Toothpicks. Our new secondary mounting apparatus for all things solar-system. Also helpful for all things wiggly-jiggled into place and those teeny-tiny adjustments to things that were glued down crooked. I’ll be throwing a box or two into our craft closet next time I need to pick some up.

7. Spray Paint. Yes, paint seems to be in big demand for us this year! I guess we don’t usually have it around because, well, it’s messy. But I’ll be adding paint supplies to my watch-for-great-sales list from now on. I think I’ll just be sure we have the basic black, white, gray on hand moving forward–normally our garage is full of things like Ford blue, and Massey Ferguson red instead. craft supplies 68. Vintage stickers and washi tape. Oh, wait, that’s for me!

9. Wood. We tend to have scrap chunks around, so we tend to use it. Storage is a problem though and sometimes Mr. Fix-It just gets tired of the clutter and starts throwing stuff out. We’ve got to figure out a reasonable way to keep some around long-term in case we need it.

10. Paper bags. I have these everywhere because we have a truck. Don’t see the connection? Try putting your groceries in plastic bags in the back of a truck and driving home. D-i-s-a-s-t-e-r. But much like Mr. Fix-It in the garage, sometimes I get totally overwhelmed by the clutter in our mudroom and just start pitching stuff. I’m going to start stuffing at least a few in our craft closet from now on because they work for, well, just about anything–and the day I find myself needing to buy a paper bag…

craft supplies 5What are some craft supplies you didn’t expect to find yourself needing regularly? And where in the world do you store it all?

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10 Craft Supplies That Weren’t On My List! — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent list! I have the acrylic paint, multi- paintbrushes and paperbags along with the normal slew of craft supplies. As of right now, my most unusual thing I have that I haven’t used before, but will be tomorrow is plaster of paris. I think that may get a little messy! I also use wooden skewers for crafts. I bought some on clearance, 50 for $1. At the bottom of this post, you will see how I am storing a lot of my craft supplies. It isn’t real pretty, but is getting the job done!

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