Wow–WordPress is driving me crazy lately! I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ve been losing drafts (lots of drafts!), losing uploaded pictures, or losing picture quality–I’m not a photographer, but usually you can at least make out faces! Come on!

I guess some great posts will just have to wait a while–but here’s a right this minute post for ya!

My “baby” is turning 5 today!

birthday boyOur sheep are very pregnant. Very pregnant.

pregnant eweHugely pregnant–poor waddling darlings!

pregnant ewe 2And I’ve discovered the pure joy that is Smash books! Scrapbooking for non-scrapbookers. Journaling for non-journalers. I’m addicted. {grin} And of all things–this project is just for me! Every member of my family has come in and asked who this project is for–and I said, “just me.” And they all stood there in silence for minute and then walked away. Puzzled, I think.

smash book 3But why should the kiddos be the only ones with a nature journal?

What have you been up to lately?

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