It’s Lambing Season!

It’s a boy!

Correction–it’s a ram.

Ram lamb, that is. Lambing season 2013 has officially kicked off here at The Lowe Farm.

Its Lambing Season!

Mr. Fix-It was counting noses in the dark Tuesday morning and discovered our first little lamb of the season off with his momma.

Its Lambing Season!Please excuse the scary eyes–I wasn’t using a flash–but the impression of ferociously protective attention is completely correct. Our ewes are very, very good mommas. She skipped breakfast to keep the little one away from everyone until he got his legs under him better and you can’t even walk out on the porch without her going into full-alert mode and immediately moving the little guy away from the fence lines.

Its Lambing Season! Since we discovered him already dry and clean, she clearly delivered without any trouble or any help from us and he seems to be doing just fine.

We have 15 ewes this year, so we’ve got 14 more that are expecting over the next 4 weeks or so. We had a couple late lambs last year, but those ewes were first-time mommas last year. We’re not expecting them to be as a late this year since now they’re old pros at this.

I’m thinking this lady might be next…

Its Lambing Season!And I’m hoping for twins!

This can get to be a super-busy time of year for us as spring rolls around and lambs start rolling in…so be sure to skip over and LIKE our Facebook page to keep up with all the farm news! (You know, just in case my poor blog gets a little neglected in the bustle of Spring!)

How’s your week going?

Its Lambing Season!


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