There’s not much going on around here–how about with you?

It’s been rainy and chilly and we’re only outside for the essentials this week–which is driving the kids crazy since all their new Christmas stuff is outside stuff! We’re ready for lambing season, but it’s not really time yet so we’re really just waiting. (Well, I’m waiting. Excitedly. Mr. Fix-It pointed out that we’re still a month or more away and it’s a little too early for him to get excited. He doesn’t get excited until I send the first “we have lambs!” text of the year.)

Which is the perfect time to invite you to follow Walking in High Cotton on Facebook –since that’s where I am when I don’t have the energy to write a whole post–or when I’m too busy, since lambing season is right around the corner and all! I’m sure cute baby pictures will just be popping up like crazy on the Facebook page shortly! (Aren’t smartphones amazing?) Things get pretty wild around here come spring!

In the mean time, how about a sweet life lesson courtesy of my Cowboy?

cowboy tumble 1cowboy tumble 2cowboy tumble 3cowboy tumble 4cowboy tumble 5cowboy tumble 6Yesterday was a pretty difficult and frustrating day for me. Work is suddenly consuming an unusually large portion of both my actual time, and my mental time and my home life doesn’t go on vacation just because I’m needed at the office. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t keep up. (Like my feet are going faster than my head can keep up with!)

But sometimes ya just gotta take a tumble and get right back up and back in the game!

Happy Wednesday!

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Lambing Season is Right Around the Corner — 2 Comments

  1. Love the sequence of your little guy falling down and getting back up again. A metaphor for our days ahead. I found your blog when I did a search for “walking in tall cotton” since I wanted to know how the phrase originated.

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