Have you caught the Pinterest-craz yet?

I’ve been a slow-starter when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, but I jumped right in and adore Pinterest! I think it’s probably partly because I consider the other two more interactive so they take more of my time–which I seem to have little of. I use Pinterest mostly for myself, not as a social platform, so I don’t feel obligated to follow back, or chat, or respond to comments or anything. So I can spend 2 minutes or 2 hours on there–whatever I have.

Don’t get me wrong–you can use Pinterest as a social platform. I just don’t. I simply use it for organizing great information and ideas from the web for myself. There is so much good stuff out there! Printables and projects for the kids. Frugal household ideas. Cool DIY projects. And the recipes, oh the recipes!

And then, much like any other information, the question comes up…are you using it or just hoarding it.

Well I am using it!

We’ve done these super fun (super easy!) hot chocolate stir sticks.

Hmmm... (We also tried these bite-sized banana splits…big fail. Not a great kids recipe. Probably fine if you don’t have five impatient bakers dancing in your kitchen.)

And we’ve filled our house with delicious apple cinnamon “air freshener” from leftover apple peels. (The original pin calls for oranges.)

home for the holidays (1)We’ve made one of the 2,000 “skinny chicken and broccoli Alfredo” recipes that are floating around–which I immediately unpinned so that I never, ever, ever accidentally try to make that recipe again! (Mr. Fix-It said he didn’t think it was that bad, but I thought it was terrible.)

And we made this super easy, super tasty Beef Tips recipe–which we will DEFINITELY make again!

We’ve made homemade apple sauce and canned Vanilla Peach Butter and froze a dozen jars of apple butter this year, thanks in part to Pinterest, and to my right-hand-man…I mean lady…the Ladybug.

We spent most of the weekend all together at home, just doing home-stuff.

We spent most of the weekend all together at home, just doing home-stuff.

We are now in the process of painting an oil drip pan (bigger and less expensive than a cookie sheet!) for the Ladybug’s bedroom wall, sort of like this…

Source: etsy.com via Jamie on Pinterest


…but in white and pink, of course.

And our new favorite thing is this delicious Banana Nutella Granola, courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction blog.


I mentioned this recipe on Facebook the other day. It’s easy, it’s fun for the kiddos to help with, and I could barely get it cooled because everyone kept taking a pinch any time they walked by the counter!

I think it has great potential to provide motivation when things around the house start getting in a rut and it’s already been a great help for me in organizing blogging tips and articles and gardening helps (are your planning your garden yet?!). I’ve sort of made a promise to myself to use at least one pin a week at home as a help to keep me committed to my homemaking–so you’ll probably see more and more Pinterest-driven posts cropping up around here.

Especially since I sat down a few minutes at a time and re-organized my Boards so that I can actually find stuff! {grin}

How have you been using Pinterest?

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