Even though I came from a late meeting on Thursday to find the Cowboy and Mr. Fix-It curled up in the fetal position with raging fevers (and my Ladybug cleaning the kitchen and making dinner–talk about making me proud!) we have managed to have quite a productive few days around here.

Here’s some updates (which I may or may not expand on later this week!)

1. We’re all on the mend again.  Yeah!! I took the Cowboy to the doctor on Friday and apparently we’ve had Influenza B going through the house (and my Cowboy compounded that with an ear infection). But we are fever free this morning and back to our routine. Praise the Lord!

2. Annabelle had her calf! (I had a feeling it was coming–even hinting about it on the blog last week!)

New calf at The Lowe Farm, Tidewater Virginia

3. Our new calf brought unexpected visitors to the farm.  (Yes, I took like a thousand pictures I’ll have to sort through!)

bald eagle over the cow field at The Lowe Farm, Tidewater Virigina

4. We planted 2 apple trees.

5. We planted a second peach tree. That makes 2 peaches, two apples, and a fig, in the orchard so far! (Think you want some fruit trees, but you’re not sure? I love The Backyard Orchardist by Stella Otto. This little book has everything you need for all the basic fruits.)

6. We planted potatoes.

7. We planted strawberries and raspberries. (And The Backyard Berry Book has everything you could possibly need to get started with any kind of berries! Ours is a little grimy from going out in the garden with us at planting time.)

8. We got some Girl Scout cookies…and some ducklings!…and a load of feed. What’s the true number 1 challenge homesteaders face? The “what’s one more [insert anything imaginable]…” impulse buy. {grin} (And hey, Tractor Supply really does carry “everything you need out here.”)

New ducklings at The Lowe Farm, Tidewater Virginia

9. Then it snowed. (Where on earth did that come from? It’s almost April! In Virginia!)

Snow over the garden at The Lowe Farm, Tidewater Virginia

10. And we had a new lamb. (Of course–because it’s been snowing and sleeting. They love to come in bad weather!)

New lamb in the snow at The Lowe Farm, Tidewater Virginia

In between rounds of antibiotics and Mucinex and naps and catching up on a bazillion worksheets from missing almost a week of school…I think we did pretty good, actually. We also managed to fit in getting a load of hay (although it wasn’t a family affair this time and I was worried sick for most of the afternoon while Mr. Fix-It was gone!) and reading 10 chapters of our current family read aloud (we call it “the Joshua Jones book” and you can currently get the whole four book set on Kindle–unfortunately in-your-hand copies are awfully hard to come by!).

How was your weekend?!

And tomorrow I’m excited to be linking up with Dollie, Becky Marie, and Vicki to bring you the Mom-Tested, Family Approved Everything Gardening link up! (If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I’ve been garden-pinning like crazy lately!) So be sure to come back by and link up your own super-helpful gardening posts and check out all the others as well–it’s that time of year!

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  1. Wow – you have had a busy week! I’m so glad that everyone is finally on the mend 🙂

    With you on the crazy weather here……Monday it was 32 and snow and the rest of the week we are in the 50s. Come on Spring!!

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