One of our ewes didn’t come to breakfast the other morning. Mr. Fix-It was feeding up before work yesterday and asked me to keep an eye on her before I left for work and when I came home from lunch. Our schedule was off yesterday, but I managed to check up on her about an hour later and saw her curled up around…something…in the far corner of the field.

morning lambs 1

I actually snapped a couple pictures without being able to see much–and didn’t get a good look at them until I downloaded them later that night for editing. Here you can definitely see two distinct heads. All I could see at the time was that she was up, licking something, and that there was some little ears twitching. Since she wasn’t in labor any more and she was clearing caring for the little…whatever…I zoomed off to the office.

I came back at lunch to check on her.

morning lambs 2

It looked like maybe there were two, so I crept forward, closer and closer…

morning lambs 3

Yep, definitely two!

We’ve been through years when it seemed like our mommas would reject a baby at the drop of a hat and we ended up with lots of bottle babies–which is not nearly as easy or fun as the movies make it look!  The mommas in our flock now seem to know their business right well, so we’ve learned to stay out-of-the-way that first 24 hours or so–unless it’s critical to health and welfare. If she’s got it under control, we stay well back until the end of their first day.

Now this evening, we’ll go out at feeding time and round the little guys up, determine if we’ve got more boys or girls, band tails, check umbilical areas, etc. while the momma is eating dinner. The kids love to help with this part! (And the lambs get much harder to catch after 48 hours!!)

morning lambs 4

Our oldest ones are already starting to lose that “baby” look to them. Time sure marches right on with or without us, doesn’t it?

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