Do you remember these two little trouble makers?

Honey and Honeysuckle, the freebie chicks.

Honey and Honeysuckle, the freebie chicks.

Well, they’re all grown up now.

Little top-spot up there turned out to be a funky, mop-headed hen.

She's a good forager and free-ranger. Actually, she's impossible to keep in the chicken house--she's the worst escape artist we have other than our tree climbing New Hampshire Red.

She’s a good forager and free-ranger. Actually, she’s impossible to keep in the chicken house–she’s the worst escape artist we have other than our tree climbing New Hampshire Red.

And the other one…oh the other one…

We didn’t end up with two roosters like I thought we would. But the one we did end up with more than makes up for it.

He's big. He's glossy. He's LOUD.

He’s big. He’s glossy. He’s LOUD.

Mr. Fix-It has always disagreed with my utter detest of having a rooster around. It’s not the rooster so much as the constant concern for being bushwhacked in my own yard every time my back is turned. You don’t need a rooster for eggs (you knew that, right?) and the ones we had in the past were nothing but trouble. I actually broke our broom over Cogburn’s head one time–the sweeper flew right off the handle when I whacked him!–and it only changed his attitude for one afternoon.

But Mr. Fix-It likes the sound of them in the morning around the farmyard. It’s very…farm-y.

rooster 2

Well, we’ve got two around right now. Big Black here, and a pretty gray Americana that we got the next weekend–yet another “freebie” for the kiddos when we purchased a couple layers the week after the chicken swap. People don’t do it intentionally (I hope!), it’s just very hard to tell until they get to a certain age.

So far, no trouble from either of them.

But I’m watching. The first sign of the stink eye from either one of them and they’re taking a short walk down a long path–with a casserole dish at the end!

In the meantime, Mr. Fix-It’s got his farmyard wake-up call in place. Big Black loves to crow at 6 in the morning.

Oh yeah, and at 6 in the evening. And at 3 in the afternoon. And at 2 o’clock in the morning. And at 10 pm at night. And just about any other time he’s awake. Welcome to “the quiet life!” {smile}

What’s growing up around your place lately?

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Roosters…the Daily Farm Adventures — 4 Comments

  1. I also love hearing a rooster crow – just not at 2 o’clock in the morning! Heavens to Betsy not at 2 AM!!!! Haha. My sister had a rooster once that guarded the coop just like a dog would guard a master – he was okay with whatever you did, until you wanted to go into the coop. Then his eyes would roll back into his head and he would become a zombie eat your brains out rooster – which made it quite difficult to collect eggs! He had the last laugh, though. When she cooked him in a casserole, his flesh turned out to be the toughest and stringiest chicken meat you would ever come up against!
    Have a great weekend! Cheers!

    • Figures, huh? 🙂 I can’t stand the way the free-range roosters we’ve had began to see the WHOLE YARD as their territory and were actually sneaky. They’d intentionally WAIT until your back was turned and then fly at the back of your legs. Grr! These fellas are behaving so far, but I have zero tolerance at this stage.

    • A mess…yes! 🙂 I adore sitting around watching our chickens peck and carry on around the yard. It’s soothing and entertaining at the same time. They each have a way they “conduct” themselves in the group and definitely their own personality.

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