8 Tips for Carefree Flower Beds for Busy Moms — 10 Comments

  1. Great tips! I’ve been wanting to learn how to grow my own flowers and low-maintenance is perfect for me. Thanks for linking up at the Home Matters Link Party! We hope to see you again next week:) #HomeMattersParty

    • Thanks for stopping by! Flowers make the yard so colorful and cheerful–but my definition of “low maintenance” really means zero maintenance after the first week or so. {smile}

  2. You’ve made a low maintenance flower gardening SYSTEM: Brilliant! I especially appreciate the inclusion of garden accessories: the finishing touch.

    A couple of notes for those of us in the 2B (or not 2B) zone:
    1) Perennial Evergreen Base Plants-try kinnikinnick (bearberry), junipers, or soapweed yucca (beargrass);
    2)Perennial Flowering Shrubs-actually, I think these grow taller than the suggested evergreen so they should be in the back row-potentilla (cinquefoil), lilacs, Morden roses, ornamental flowing plum;
    3)Perennial Flowers-peonies, rudbeckia (black-eyed susans), echinaecia (coneflowers), shasta daisies;
    4)What is invasive elsewhere MAY not be up here-“check it out, if in doubt” as they say;
    5)Consider some perennial edibles like asparagus (fronds for a background), rhubarb and ostrich ferns (young fiddleheads).

      • We actually have a random flowering plum behind our garage and it IS a lovely small tree! And it’s grown there (in a TERRIBLE spot) without any help at all from us–really in spite of us. That would be a good low-maintenance pick!

    • You definitely need to do a little research on your area. I had great luck with lilacs when we lived in PA, but here they are very temperamental. I’ve also had knockout roses recommended to me several times, but haven’t tried them yet.

  3. Great tips! I’ve also just seeded wildflowers so thickly I didn’t have to weed! I would also suggest choosing flowers that are edible for an added benefit. My favorites are nasturtiums, johnny-jump-ups, and bachelor’s buttons.

    • I’ve been wanting to do wildflowers along our ditches, but I’d have to convince everyone to stop mowing them! {smile} Around here if we don’t mow, the neighbors or VDOT will!

  4. Thanks, this has really great information. It sounds like y’all are probably in a zone similar to ours. We live in the hot and dry with intermittent deluges and tornados zone. ;-)Thanks, for all the great tips!

    • Yes, we’re fairly temperate, but we can get hot and dry for a few weeks in the summer, and those tropical storms and hurricanes off the coast. I don’t like to (or remember to!) water very often, so I need stuff that works in this area all by itself.

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