Helping Kids LOVE the Outdoors — 4 Comments

    • It didn’t occur to me that way at first either. But so often our kids’ friends would come by and be overwhelmed by the idea of “just go outside and play” that I realized outdoor fun has become an “event” for a lot of folks. Not us, thankfully, but a lot of parents ask me how I get them to go out without complaining all the time. I think you have to nurture that imaginative play mentality.

  1. This is a brilliant list and pretty much what I did when my boys were younger. Now their computers are more of a draw but I can still limit how much tome they are on them and they also do a lot of sport. So today they are both out all day at an athletics event and a rugby tournament!

    Thank you for linking up with the #GoingGreenLinky. The next one opens on Mon May 1st and I hope you can join up again 💚💚

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