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  1. I love the meal chores chart. We are moving to Colorado from Georgia to open a foster home and have been talking about how we would assign chores; your chart is perfect! Thank you

  2. I’ve gotta be honest, I’m in love with your blog! Please add more checklists, and pdfs! We’re adopting two older boys soon and would love some help along the way! Love the clothing checklist!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the clothing checklist! I decided to tackle my two daughters’ closet this week and it helps so much to have something written down to help prioritize. Hopefully I can stick to my rules when it comes time to physically go through the clothes. Girl clothes are just so hard because everything is so cute!

    • And I hate to get rid of something cute when there’s nothing wrong with it! Often when we have to make hard choices, we put the “give aways” in a bag and leave it in the closet for a week or two before we actually get rid of it. That way we’re SURE we don’t want anything out of it and we didn’t give away our favorite this or that in the spur of the moment. I find I forget about them and am suddenly glad to be able to get the bag out of the closet and give them to someone that needs them.

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