That Day and This Day — 13 Comments

  1. I am so sorry for your loss… what a tragedy! And yet, your daughter’s words are SO beautiful! Out of the mouth of babes He has ordained praise. Thank you for sharing this (and linking it in your recent post). Praying God’s continued comfort, peace and joy for you! Love, Michelle

    • Looking back on them, they bring me comfort even now too. I’m glad I put them down then, and I’m glad He sent them to me. He is the Great Comforter.

  2. …And I’m realizing in reading this that you are nearing the 5 year anniversary.
    At least for me, time dulls the sharpness…but it doesn’t remove the sadness or the missing…all the things you hoped to share together. Went over and read the article about your parents. What an honoring article…but I’m so sorry. So much love in a marriage…in a family…
    As you shared today…your children will be blessed as they see you vulnerable in your sadness and turning to God in the midst of the tears.
    But…just want you to know I’m sorry…I know your pain must be deep…

    • Thanks for stopping by. It is such a difficult thing…but I do think I feel some healing too, as time goes by. I at least have enough distance to start talking about it and sharing about it (although still mostly in writing, not so much speaking).

      And thanks so much for stopping to read their article. We are so glad that the Post was willing to write something about THEM and not just the accident. There was so much of God’s beautiful plan in their life together. Even now their example lives on each time someone reads about them.

  3. Hey Jamie I was just looking at your blogs. I miss u guys so much. This article really touch my heart about u parents. Not a day goes by I don’t think of them. I just hope that they and Kel have found each other up there and that one day we will all be together again. I love you guys

    • Glad you stopped by! I think people don’t always realize that it’s something you live with every day, forever. It never goes away. It redefines who you are the same way becoming a mother or getting married does. Hope you’re little (growing) family is doing well!

  4. Hey Jamie-
    I know we messaged last week but I hadn’t had the chance to view/read your blog until today. How I can relate to your Ladybug and her spiritually beautiful words of wisdom. You are truly blessed and she is so right in that the day will come when all are together again.

    I love you and think of you all often.


  5. Oh how your little Lady Bug knew just what to say. It is amazing how a five year old can say just the right things at the right time to comfort your heart. You are raising quite an extrordinary lady. Your parents are smiling!
    I am thinking of you!

  6. Hello, I am a friend of your Aunt Annie and my thoughts are with you all today…sending you a hug from Northern VA. *hug*

  7. You gave me an inspirational desk calendar a while ago, and each day I’m anxious to see what the next day’s quote will be. Even though I’ve read them all before, somehow they’re new every time. I have even flagged those that are my favorites to refer back to when I’m having an especially tough day.

    Your post today made me cry…I knew it would. I was even reluctant to visit the site today because I knew what today was. I wondered if you’d post….actually, I knew you would deep down. I thought of you first thing this morning and still am. I got to thinking about your 3 sunbeams and what a blessing they are and thought I’d share a quote from that calendar.

    “May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I’m looking down.” – Anonymous

    Your sunbeams are your reminders to always look up. I love you, my friend!
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  8. A BIG hug to you today, Jamie. God bless the “Lady Bug”. God gave her just the right words to say.
    Love, Stacy