Thankful on a Thursday {LINK UP} 03/31/2011 — 7 Comments

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      I’m so glad I’ve started taking my camera everywhere with me! Sometimes all it takes to brighten my day is a few moments of paging through my flickr stream to remind me of everything we’re blessed with (and make me smile).

    • Boy I struggle sometimes too. Usually the harder things seem the more I realize I’ve gotten my priorities mixed up again and all unbalanced and I need to sit down with my Bible and figure things out again. God’s very clear on what he expects and what we can expect in return–sometimes we just forget to “Be still” and listen. Hope you’re headed toward a great weekend!

  1. Thanks for the invite to link up! And thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. I have been feeling scattered to and need to work on getting some balance back.

  2. I think managing time is one of my most difficult things, too. It somehow always seems to be getting away from me. At the same time, I’m thankful I have so many wonderful projects in my life. I love your photos – especially the adorable black and white one! Thanks for the great reminder!

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