Where Eagles Dare to Fly — 14 Comments

  1. I saw my first Bald Eagle (other than in a zoo) last Spring in our tree row. It was beautiful and I smiled all day long just thinking about how awesome it was to witness such a beautiful animal in it’s natural surroundings.

  2. Absolutely amazing photos of the eagles–how cool is that. We don’t see them here at all, so I get really excited to see them like this 🙂 Thanks for sharing with FFF!

  3. What FANTASTIC photos! I am always in awe of the bald eagle – we don’t see them often here, generally just in zoos. How amazing to watch them fly free!!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I had a pair that stayed by my place for a month last spring. Then they headed on, but it was great to see them here.

  5. Immature eagels don’t yet have the white on their heads. So perhaps the “one in the back” (scruffier & speckled) was an immature one. They are magnificaent. I get tears in my eyes when I spot them!…:)JP

  6. Eagles give me goosebumps! I hadn’t seen that many in the wild until I went on a trip to Alaska – they were as plentiful as Robins. Wow!
    Love the picture of your boys and the attention they were getting from the fuzzy folks!

    • So glad I’ve taken to keeping my camera with me almost all the time! My camera phone can cover in a pinch, but this was definitely a moment to pull out my [little] big guns. 🙂

    • Until we moved here, I’d only ever seen them once in AK and faaaaarrrr across the Potomac once at home. Nothing like these up close and real moments around here! I find it so exciting, but sometimes I wonder if my kids will end up taking it for granted since it’s so much a regular part of their world.

  7. Wow and I was just worrying about the coyotes and wolves. Funny how something so beautiful can make you not like them. B

    • We’ve had more trouble from eagles than from coyotes, although they are in the area too. I’ve heard out farther west that they have trouble with Golden Eagles too.