Wild Turkey Meet Domestic Sheep — 4 Comments

  1. love the post and the photos; I feel the same way about my Shetlands. the Merino’s, however, are another story…big, mouthy, pushy and those are their good qualities. The Romney’s are docile, sweet and gentle.
    I think different breeds have different qualities and within breeds, each sheep has their own personality.
    Just like humans.

    • It’s been an adventure to get to know them all and their quirks.The Cluns are definitely different than the Hog Islands. And we’ve seen a definite difference in behaviors between our rams and ewes in both cases too–which I suppose is only natural. I smile when strangers can’t tell them apart at all and I can tell them apart just by how they’re grouped together out across the field. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun owning your “cattle”. I’ve looked around your site and LOVE the photos of all the newborn sheep and calves.

    I hope to own some “cattle” as well, maybe 2 years from now. A lot of research and manual labor before we’ll be ready for that exciting adventure.

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