How I’m Saving on Groceries — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for writing such a realistic post! I hate reading coupon posts about how much money people saved when they down play how much time it takes! Right now I don’t even do coupons. I shop one store with a plan and try to buy our top 15 or so items on sale. Otherwise its just not worth my time.

    • Yes, I’ve tried a lot of different strategies and they didn’t work for me because I don’t have time to chase around and keep up with all the ins and outs. For example, a lot of the rite-aid/CVS type rewards are rebates to come back and shop later–I don’t have time to keep going back to multiple stores, especially within the expiration times. We’ve got something that keeps our budget where we think it’s workable and leave it at that.

  2. Wow! That stinks that everyone is sick! But I would hope mine get it all at the same time so I would have to miss too much work! Sorry they are all feeling so bad. It is rough when they are so little!
    We save a lot on our grocery bill by processing our own steers. I know not everyone can do that but their are folks that raise beef to sell for this purpose. My meat costs on the average $1.99 per pound! Granted I pay it all at one time of the year…but then I save so much more. These are great tips. I am going to have to get myself trained to check our local ads and coupons for my small weekly lists as well. lunch items are what I mostly have to run after…
    Thanks for sharing that link to Everything Mom. I haven’t heard of that one before!

  3. oops….I meant to say that I’m sorry your kids are sick and I hope everyone is on the mend SOON!!

  4. Great tips! I really need to start clipping coupons again, but I’m just not there yet!