Money Saving Mom’s Budget Review — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve noticed when our home life gets out of whack, we drop meal planning, shopping lists and coupons and suddenly our grocery bill goes crazy! The good news is it’s an easy place to rein in.

    The Ladybug is my big helper with coupons too! She’s 7, so she practices her numbers and stuff by going through my notebook and pulling out everything that’s expired.

  2. I’m actually reading her book now! I should have been finished long ago but didn’t want it to end, so I’ve been reading a little at a time and trying to implement some changes. 2 yrs ago we followed the cash only envelope system and it worked great for us. After moving and getting settled into new house, I just haven’t quite found my rhythm yet and meanwhile have started spending way too much $$ on groceries. I have a garden where we will grow some fresh veggies which should help a little on the cost. I’, also plannignt o enlist my 5 yr old to help me clip coupons so we can get back into the habit of using them again!
    I have baby #3 due in April and so I’m desperately trying to get the spending under control!

  3. I wouldn’t say that I budget our groceries. We don’t shop very often, mostly because we have 2 freezers full of meat, and we shop at Aldi (the stock up store) at the least once a month. Usually I only pick up milk and bread on a weekly basis. But I have found ways to keep our total electric house bill down. We hang clothes on the line to dry and don’t wash “small” loads. We tend to stay in the same room in the evening hours so that lights aren’t burning all over the house…I posted some of our money saving tips on my blog.. But I am sure there is much I still need to learn. I would love to figure out how to get rid of the cable all together. Some days hubby says it is going then he changes his mind…oh well, one of these days I am going to cancel it when he says then when he turns on the television it will be gone…;)
    Thanks for sharing this little book! I am going to put it on my wish list at Amazon today!