Soggy Loose Ends — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, we just moved our chics out into the old chicken coop this weekend. They are getting too big for the small space…cleaning it twice a week or more is too much! We had the ved out yesterday (Monday) for the Spring check before we turn them all onto the the summer pasture with the bull. We do basic prevention: fly tags, pink eye, black leg, and wormer. We dont’ do antibiotics for anything like that. We hav learned to doctor cuts and things on our own. Your little Cowboy and the chicken made me chuckle! My son, 13, still won’t touch a chicken! LOL! yeah, but that was about all we have been up to here on the homestead.

    • Didn’t that picture turn out great? It needs to be processed a little more (Grrrrr, picnik going to Google!) but that’s really a keeper!

      Sometimes I don’t think people realize what it would mean if we NEVER gave antibiotics, etc., but we do as little as we think we humanely can. There’s a world of difference between our simple preventative and treatment dosages and the practice of regular, sub-theaupetic dosages that feedlots and confinement houses have to use.

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