Choose You This Day — 8 Comments

  1. I choose joy and grace.

    I am blessed to call you friend, and I weep with you this month. Praying for you daily that you will feel His peace upon your wounded and broken heart. Love on your little ones and let them spoil you!

    • Your prayers lift me up! 🙂 Choosing joy isn’t always easy–but it’s always possible and it always brings more blessings than choosing otherwise.

  2. Jamie, I am so happy that you are tender and attentive to the Holy Spirit. He is your comforter and He will bring you through to the other side. It is ok to still honor your mother. Have wonderful happy thoughts of her. So, as I know you are, trust in the Lord and His wonderful plan for you and your family. He sees the beginning and the end. I choose today to trust in Him and Him alone.

  3. Every year when the calendar flips to this month you immediately pop into my mind. I think of you always at each and every holiday, but mostly on Mother’s Day. I see how strong you have been these last almost 6 years. You have grown so much! You are strong enough! I’m reminded of a quote from the daily blessing calendar you gave me years ago…

    “May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I’m looking down.”

    Look up, my friend! He’s there! I promise!

    • Your friendship is a blessing–and has been for a long time! Your words mean a lot since you’ve seen me in good and bad times these last years.

  4. I am choosing joy. I am choosing to lean and trust on Him. Yes, it is hard, but with the love and support it is possible. Praying for you during this time!

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