Notes from Titus 2:1 — 17 Comments

    • Every time I think I found a “favorite” part, I read the next bullet and I’m like, “no, that was the best part. no that was the best part!”

  1. Great notes – I think we highlighted some of the same ideas 🙂 I love the encouragement that I heard and found in those rooms filled with mommas all trying to do their best for their kids.

  2. I am not a note taker either and came back with quite a few pages myself! The conference was truly amazing. I have been going over my notes and praying a lot since I have been home. God is so good! By the way, it was wonderful meeting you at the conference!

    • It was such a blessing to meet you too! God did wonderful things for me at the Conference and I’ve already been blessed by so many friendships continuing! (And yes, much prayer here too!)

    • I have to defer to my Mr. Fix-It with the vegetable garden. I gave up a couple years ago because I just couldn’t seem to keep up with it. Now he does the majority of the planning, planting, and then he and the kids do most of the harvesting. It’s a blessing, but it’s a lot of work! 🙂

    • I think they come across just as powerful second hand too. I’ve been sharing them with my husband since I got back and I know he’s tired of “this weekend so-and-so said…” but he’s definitely appreciated the actual point I was sharing.

  3. I’m gaining some great stuff from this and other women that attended the conference!
    Thank you for sharing these because I didn’t pick up some of the points. 🙂

  4. I took loads and loads of notes, too — I’m still working on getting them lined up in a Google document!

    I don’t think we got a chance to meet — maybe next year!

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