Nature Connections {Family Connections Summer 2012} — 9 Comments

  1. I love your stack of field guides. It makes me want to go out into nature with my kids and identify everything in sight. My kids are now able to look up insects on their own in a field guide without my having to do all the work. Homeschooling is bliss…

  2. I remember loving those field guides when I was a kid. They are wonderful resources and make fun reading.

  3. We just planted two butterfly bushes this year, hopefully next summer we’ll have lots of winged visitors. Your pictures are beautiful. I need to get out children a field guide for moths and butterflies, we have a big one for birds and a couple of little ones for flowers, berries and trees. I love how the children are just drawn to nature study without much prompting. Their natural curiosity is all that’s needed.

  4. These are great! I was just thinking that I need to invest in some good field guides for the girls 🙂

    Love the butterfly bush! We have magenta and a deep purple one.

    • I love the firsts, but they also have these tri-fold ones (the tan one on top of the pile up there) that are laminated and are awesome too. We got the one on animal tracks, but they had a whole rack at the book store. They’re practically indestructible and very light for taking along on any field trips.

    • I do like finding ones that are “local.” It helps keep the amount of information from being overwhelming. However, my middle son LOVES stuff like this (the kid reads encyclopedias for fun!) and the reptiles one is world-wide with little maps showing what part of the world that species is found in. He loves to see the “exotic” species in other places (the poison dart frogs are his favorites.)