Old Fashion Summer Fun {Family Connections Summer 2012} — 16 Comments

  1. Oh, how our children love popsicles! Would you believe we have never tried making them?! Your post makes it seem so easy, and inspires me to actually try. With four children, and all the neighborhood kids we dole out pops to…this could be cost effective, but more importantly, very tasty…I’m thinking of all the flavors we could try 🙂

    • I love that you can try just about anything for flavor, but they can be very healthy too! Freezer space is an issue though–I wish we had more than 4, but I don’t know where I would put them to freeze unless I used our garage freezer…

  2. Our children know that summer = popsicles. I’m sure mine could think up some interesting varieties. 😉 I’ve been on the lookout for good molds, will have to look up the ones you mentioned.

    • There’s some fancy, really nice looking ones on amazon, but we got very inexpensive ones to try. Next time I would definitely get more than 4 though! 🙂 The only problem is having room in the freezer for them. Thankfully we have a big chest freezer in the garage if we need it!

  3. We made fudgesicles last week and those were a huge hit! My girls love popsicles as much as your children apparently do. I’m going to have to try what you do to make blueberry ones. My eldest would love that as those are some of her favorite fruits!

    • I think we’re going to try pudding pops soon too. I have two that love blueberries, but one that complains about “chunks” so I have to be sure to blend it up well.

  4. We have a set up popsicle molds and my kids love making them! An easy popsicle that we do is to buy yogurt in different flavors, then pour the yogurt into the molds. Plus the kids can each have a different flavor! We have made kool-aid and poured into the molds as well. Of course it isn’t as healthy as yogurt or smoothie recipes!

    • Sounds like the applesauce ones we’re going to try this weekend. Just pour in applesauce and freeze. I didn’t think about them each having their own flavor though…yum.

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