Our Kids Top 10 Summer Chores — 6 Comments

  1. I agree that it’s important to train them now about the little things! Starting small and building them up is great character development, and I really think that it’s easier to start now, then when they are older.

  2. I agree, I think its great to have them help and when you work with them often its amazing what they can do. Mine do many of those things (though I still have to turn the washer and dryer on due to the way ours are set up and the height of my kids 😉 Mine can change out he laundry, do trash, clean toilets and showers, take out compost, take care of our chickens, etc. I think its great for them and it helps me run the house more efficiently.

  3. The little girl I baby sit is two and she takes all my laundry out of the washer, puts it is the dryer and starts it. I always offer to do it, or to help, and she says “No I do it myself!” I’m pretty impressed!

  4. I think this is a wonderful list! Never to young to learn responsibilites. Our kids have been doing similar things since they were very young. Our middle daughter (15) is starting to speak out that she shouldn’t have to do these things, they are a “mom’s” job. We have had some BIG heart to hearts this summer already. WOW! teenagers! Great post!

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