We Choose Virtues Review — 51 Comments

  1. All of these virtues are important, but right now I think Obedience is tops. My son is a good boy, but sometimes he just doesn’t do what I tell him to do, when I tell him to do it.

  2. For our home I would say the #1 virtue we need to work on it Content. Without being content with who we are, who we are in Christ, and what have, every other virtue then becomes a challenge as well.

  3. One of our kiddos needs help with Perseverance and one needs help with Self Control. Of course obedience is always something we are striving for too.

  4. I think our kids need to work on content as the #1 with self controlled a close second for D and obedient as a close second for the other 3. I will just ditto Lisa’s reasons for content being the top choice. I would so love to win this!!

  5. Obviously, they are all such important virtues in our lives and our children’s lives, but I think forgiving is one of the most important to learn early on in life. Everyone will make mistakes and God forgives us each and every time so we should be able to forgive others their own misgivings.

  6. Kids should learn all of then and adults should keep practicing the. I think obedience it the first to learn because of obedience to parents and to God.

  7. I don’t have twitter but love this program! As a Kindergarten teacher it would be an AWESOME addition to my classroom.


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