10 Random Farm and Home Updates — 3 Comments

  1. I have some silver spangled hamburgs and they don’t look quite like that…they are black and white with no browns or golds, and not much body…very stream lined and …well…kind of psycho. Alert is a very nice way of describing them! LOL Their tails are white with black tips and black circles. Your bird might be a cross though, as some of the wing feathers look like hamburg. I also think your her, might possibly be a him. 🙂 God bless!

    • I’ve been wondering about that he/she issue! 🙂 Supposed to be all females, but you know they don’t guarantee and I think part of me is just wishfully ignoring that fancy tail that is just about to pop up!

  2. Love the wrap up! That chicken cracks me up…and I think your hubby might be on to the chicken salesman!! {grin}

    I like those water sponge ideas! We don’t do balloons either, since the dogs will eat anything, but these could work well! Thanks for the tip 🙂