A New Discovery–The Virginia War Museum — 5 Comments

  1. How fun! What a perfect place for boys! My boys are infatuated with all things military! It would take an act of God to keep them from climbing on those tanks!

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  2. I just LOVE places like this! My kids would have been climbing all over it too! We do plan on buying a couple of memberships of places we found when we get to Colorado. I know my kids are going to be excited when they see all the new neat stuff I have found. 🙂

    • I love having the internet to research with! It puts so many resources at your fingertips. I’m sure having new adventures when you get there will ease the transition.

  3. How fun!! I am all about doing things as cost effective as possible! I love that you let them climb all over the tanks – my girls would have done the same thing!

    We have passes to the Children’s museum, the zoo, the aquarium, the science center and Sesame Place.

    My MIL gifted us the Sesame Place passes, and we got an AMAZING google deal on the aquarium passes. The other passes allow us flexibility to visit when we can, and get us in half price or free when we visit my mom in NY!

    • We have zoo passes. I love that we get discounts in other places with that membership too–like free admission to the Nature Center by my sister-in-laws house.

      We’ll be going to the Living Museum this weekend (a nature center here) and decided that we’re going to get annual passes there too since it’s pretty reasonable (the annual passes are only $10 more than one trip!). I love that sometimes you can pay just a smidgen more and get guests added to your annual pass. For $20 extra, we can get 3 guests added to our Living Museum passes–we can bring 3 friends every time we visit! That only a little more than the cost of one ticket!