Around the Town Fun {Family Connections Summer 2012} — 6 Comments

  1. What a great idea to go to other museums that have free or reduced admission because of another ticket. I’ll have to look into that in my area, to see how I can save money that way. Entrance fees can really add up otherwise!

    • They do really add up, so I’ve tried to be selective, but I think it certainly adds huge value to the annual membership fee. Now we have basically free activities in most major cities that we would visit.

  2. We are all about reciprocal memberships 🙂 We have ones with our zoo, children’s museum, aquarium and the science center. Now, for the science center….we bought the membership when we were in Buffalo visiting my mom. It was almost $90 cheaper than the membership to the museum in Philly – but it’s reciprocal, which means we get into both for free 🙂

    It’s seriously awesome when you find deals like that!!

    • It makes your budget stretch a lot further! And I love that now I know all kinds of activities in areas we visit often, like around my sister’s house.