Meal Planning Review and {GIVEAWAY} ***CLOSED*** — 20 Comments

  1. My biggest struggle is following through on my plans…if I make them. Then there’s the picky eaters…I get tired of the same meals, but they only want the same handful of meals. I really want us to get out of the horrible eating in front of the tv thing that has learked in over the last year. With my difficult pregnancy, my husband was left with the bulk of household responsibilities and family dinner got lost in the shuffle. This ebook sounds like just what I need to get my roudy brood back on track!

  2. My struggle is that I eat very bland foods because I don’t like spices, and I tend to make the same things over and over. I need more variety for myself and my household. If I plan ahead better, I can shop better and create better meals.

  3. Hi. I also liked Walking in High Cotton and Families with a Purpose on Facebook and signed up for all three newsletters! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Biggest struggle is that i don’t have all ingredients sometimes when i’m ready to cook so since going to shop at that time is too much of a hassle and it’d make dinner too late, i decide for take out which i wish i didn’t have to . i want my family to eat healthy and with better planning i’d b able to cook dinner every night 🙂

  5. My biggest problem is keeping up with planning. I do great in the beginning but then life gets even crazier and it falls by the wayside. So keeping motivated to keep on planning is my problem. I do like the idea of writing about striving for peace and connecting being the goal of family meals!

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