10 Tips for Visiting the American Girl Store — 7 Comments

  1. The store is wonderful! I like that it’s girl-friendly without being too cutesy and without talking down to kids.

    I love the cafe there…I’ve even gone on my own and I LOVE especially the chocolate mousse there.

    Keep up the great stores!

  2. I have an American Girl doll and I’m 70. I make doll clothes and a few crafts. We have a doll corner where the grandchildren can play. Get the doll you want and enjoy her!

  3. I am 21 and I never had an American Girl doll. I’d love to have one now though, but I’d so awkward buying a doll as an adult. I really loved Kit and Josefina.

    • Honestly, I think they’re a lot of fun too. I also find it funny to see the dolls, clothes, and accessories that I would pick, vs the stuff that appeals to my Ladybug. I love how they’ve worked so hard to find things that would appeal to or reach any girl.

  4. My daughter loved her American Girl doll and had all the historical books when she was little. We even participated in an American Girl co-op one year and I think it was one of her favorite memories. Even though she’s a teenager now, I think she would still enjoy visiting one of the stores.

  5. We went to the American Girl store in NY before we had kids. Friends of ours were visiting and they wanted to go there. It was intense. I’ve never wanted to go back there…but you raise a good point that the dolls have a great message and I do love the books and history that go along with them. It will be fun to see what Sophie and Bella do as they get older!