A Few Words About Wisdom, Our Peers, and Our Church Family — 9 Comments

  1. What you wrote has been on my heart for several years now. I think it is so important for women, especially moms, to find that support. That Titus 2 support. We need to look to those who have already been there and have had the experience. Before we moved, I was helping to begin a Titus 2 program at the church we were attending. I miss those ladies and the times we spent together. We have now found a church in Colorado and I am hoping I can find ladies again, who can be a mentor to me in person (not just online, not that online is bad, I just think we need the face to face connection). I also have to realize that as my children are getting older and having one who is 20, I can also fit into that category of being a mentor to younger moms as well. Now THAT is what is scaring me the most. I do not want to lead anyone astray. I will be in prayer for you, for God to open up relationships and doors for you to be a mentee and mentor to others! Blessings. 🙂

    • Thank you! I struggle with the idea of being a mentor too! Who would have thought I would find myself as the voice of experience when I’m always looking for help?! 🙂 It also all makes me realize how fast time flies and how far my Mr. Fix-It and I have come to be here–but “the prize” is to keep traveling and it’s always nice to be encouraged by someone further down the road!

  2. Right before the 2:1 Conference I asked a woman who is a few years older than me to be my mentor. I realized that while I have been blessed with great relationships, both online and offline, I need women who have been in the trenches and come out the other side who can encourage me and be honest with me.

    Yes, there have been a few blogs that I no longer read after I’ve met the author and I couldn’t mesh their offline persona with their online words; and a few who the more I read the more I wasn’t sure about where they really stood down the line.

    {{hugs}} to you!

    • I have done the same thing, Aurie, regarding not reading blogs after meeting the person. While I have made a lot of great friends online, sometimes though, having that person to sit next to you, hold your hand, pray with you, encourage you is just amazing. 🙂

    • I think it’s that coming out on the other side part that makes certain praise or encouragement so much more meaningful if we take the time to seek it out. The voice of hope and the voice of experience are different. We need both–but they are definitely different.

  3. I really appreciate what you’ve shared here. I was particularly pricked by the realization that we are in danger of too easily forsaking fellowship within our local Body for our online relationships. I’m guilty of this, because it is easier. I can get comfortable with a group of women that are most closely inline with my convictions and beliefs instead of working through the differences with those women whom God has placed in my own zipcode. Ouch! I also think you’re spot on with our sometimes mistaking advice and counsel from our peers as the same as wisdom of an older woman.We have to remember that being a Titus 2 woman is two-fold we are both the older woman and the younger woman and we need to discern which we are in a given situation and in front of the given audience. Humility and reliant prayer is our best safeguard, for sure.

    • That’s a great way to look at it–“sometimes we’re the older woman and sometimes we’re the younger and we need to discern which we are in a given situation…”

  4. *sigh*, I have been away from blogging for the past month or so totally dedicating myself to the garden and the things in life that I seem to neglect because of the blog world. I do not have facebook, I am not a fan of it. It consumes so many womens days, hours, minutes…
    I have found myself to be in an environment at the moment that I don’t have anyone who can mentor me! I have been married for 24 years in June and a mother for 21 years. I don’t know everything! I still have questions and need to seek the wisdom of a more seasoned lady. Some days I feel so defeated for the lack of a mature woman to talk with. We are currently not in a church body (not for the lack of looking) and I am feeling it.
    There are times when I am reading a blog for the first time and feel “awe this is pretty nice”. Then I want to know more “about” this person and I find that we have several fundemental differences in our beliefs… You ask yourself if you should address them and try to influence for the better or if you should just move on. Generally I move on, unless I feel the Holy Spirit direct me to leave a loving correction.
    Good to be back among good Christian woman. It is encouraging to see younger woman doing such a marvelous job at raising their families! It is a rare thing these days.

    • I get a little frustrated to because sometimes I read something and think “wow, she knows exactly what I’m going through” because the “voice” is so authoritative. But then I hop over to the About Me page to find an email or something and I discover that the writer is less experienced that I thought from the tone of her post and I feel a little discouraged. I think good ideas are good ideas, but sometimes I like the reassurance that an idea is well tested. I’ve seen so many posts about “doing chores with children” only to click over and find that all the writer’s children are toddlers and babies. The ideas may be great, but it’s more theory than experience. I think I would just prefer if they prefaced it with–“this has worked for us for the past 6 months or something.” 🙂 That’s just an example. I guess as I go further along this road, my idea of what constitutes “experience” and “wisdom” changes. So glad to see you again!

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