5 Reasons Why We Set High Standards — 12 Comments

  1. holy cow, thank you so much for this post. i love that you refer to the fact that it is the Lord’s standard, not your standard that you are aiming for — your children are very blessed.

  2. Can I just say THANK YOU for training your children in such a good work ethic – to cheerfully EXPECT to work hard and delight in what their work accomplishes. This is so lacking in our day and age! I work with a lot of children and young people, and I see a HUGE difference in the ones whose parents, like you, have trained them to work hard, to serve others, and to not be focused on themselves all the time.

    May the Lord bless you and give you creativity, wisdom, and strength as you continue to train your children for His glory!

    • Thank you for the encouragement! It’s not the easy road, that’s for sure! I read a great post the other day that said, basically, sometimes the reward for finishing a job is simply that it’s done. We’re always looking for “fulfillment” and sometimes we forget that a job well done IS fulfilling.

  3. That’s awesome. 🙂 I would have loved to see the other parents’ faces. We require our kids to do chores, too.

    • I’m not sure we saw where this was going 8 years ago when we first had our 18 month old helping to load the washer, but now I look at other parents who are amazed and think–“why DON’T your kiddos do this?” 🙂

  4. I am glad to see this also……..I have wondered how anyone can accept the reasoning prevalent in our world today of…..let the kids “be kids”(irresponsible) and don’t expect them to work while they are kids…just play and have fun…………but somehow, magically, I guess, they are supposed to be ADULTS…and responsible at 18 and be hard workers. No wonder we have a generation of young people who are in trouble financially, can’t hold jobs, expect someone else to “pay”, and more. It is good for our children to work….at their level…..and reap the benefits of being productive – especially while we are there to encourage and train them….and teach them the rewards of faithfulness. Thank you for posting this.

    • That’s an important point to–working AT THEIR LEVEL and with us. This is not about just forcing them to skip childhood all together. It’s about having a meaningful childhood and launching them into a meaningful adulthood when it’s over.

  5. Yay Momma! We have high standards for the girls as well, although we have had a little too much whining over clean up time lately. I think it’s so important for kids to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, that we work hard, and that we make sure to thank God for the amazing blessings He gives us.

  6. Well, it does my heart good to read this! Thank you for having such high standards, as your children will grow up so much better for it! I love that prayer, and God, and responsibility, are all a big part of their upbringing. I worked in a school system in the Midwest with 8 to 10 year olds, and had parents ask me why I was so hard on their kids because I expected them to clear the table after projects and mop up their own spills! That it “took time away” from the schoolwork!
    You are doing a wonderful job, raising future adults that will be able to handle anything life throws at them, and I commend you for taking parenting seriously!

    • As my husband and I discussed the other day, People are more important that Worksheets! We are trying to raise good PEOPLE–not good students, and not good KIDS. (Although I think a good person will do their very best at school too!) Being a child is just a very brief phase of their life and the point is to prepare them for the rest of their life–not for them to get so comfortable as children that then never grow up!