20 Adventure Series Chapter Books for Young Girls — 18 Comments

  1. The word junk seems like a strong one. I look forward to these suggestions. I have read several of the Ivy and Bean books and found them to be creative and funny.

  2. These are some great picks! Have you ever heard of the 100 Dresses series by Susan Maupin Schmid? It’s kind of similar to Shannan Hale. Very adventurous and lots of good lessons hidden under the surface 🥰

    • Oh, they look very fun! And I like the style that they are comfortable to read and have a lot of adventure. The Pennyroyal Academy series also looks interesting. I’ve put them on our wish list to check out! Pennyroyal Academy by M A Larson

  3. Thanks for all the great recommendations! My girls read ALL the Laura (and Rose!) books this summer. Look forward to checking out more on the list. I loved Nancy Drew as a kid too…one thing I realized as my girls have picked them up is that it’s a good opportunity (and neccessary!) to talk about how things have changed since then with women’s rights and equality! We’ve come a long way 🙂

  4. My daughter adores the Mandie Books by Lois Gladys Leppard. I read them as a kid and they are still publishing them. She also loves the Imagination Station series (for girls and boys) from Focus on the Family which are history and faith based. I have also loved reading the Ten Girls series by Irene Howat with her. They are one chapter biographies that focus on some fantastic women and have some discussion points at the end of each chapter.

    • I’m going to have to look up a couple of those! We’re familiar with the Imagination Station series. It reminds me of the Magic Tree House series and our kiddos enjoyed them both.

  5. As we just welcomed a new granddaughter (11 yr old) into our all grand boys family, I have been looking for things that might encourage her to love reading that have positive messages. Apparently she isn’t so keen on reading but would rather play outside with the boys.haha I am loving ALL the recommendations here and in the comments and you can bet I will be looking for many of them. I do know of an author, Nancy Dane, who has an historical book for girls that I also want to try so thought I would share it here. It’s called Sarah Campbell: Tale of a Civil War Orphan. You can find it on Amazon or her website and read about it. The second of that volume is called Williams Story. She is a Christian author and has many other titles as well. Thank for again for the great recommendations!

  6. The Penderwicks, Amazon’s and Swallows series,and anything by Louisa May Alcott and The Five Little Pepper series are ones I would add right off the top. Some of these are more adventurous than others. Also, the lead characters are not always a single female character, she may be one of many, but they all exhibit strength albeit in different areas.

  7. Since you believe wives should obey husbands, you’ll likely want to remove the Little House books from your list. Wilder specified that “obey” not be included in her vows (in “These Happy Golden Years.”)

    • Not sure that I’ve ever actually discussed my beliefs on the issue of obedience in marriage here on the blog, but I think Laura’s example in both that specific case, and the rest of her marriage as illustrated in These Happy Golden Years and The First Four Years (and Almanzo’s in that specific case as well!) fits pretty well with what I DO want my daughter to understand. God doesn’t expect us to obey any authority in our lives against His will as known by His Word. He expects us to understand and follow the leadership and authority structure He provides, but He doesn’t expect that “wives should obey husbands” right off a cliff into sin and destruction. The Ingall and Wilder women illustrate this very well. They respect their husband’s leadership, but still put their opinions in and their foot down when they think it’s critical.

  8. Thank you very much for both this post and the one for boys. I read a lot of junk in my childhood and am trying to be more selective over what my kids read, while still encouraging a love of reading.

    My only independent reader at this point is my 12 year old daughter, and she reads with a frenzy. When she was beginning chapter books, she enjoyed the B is for Betsy series by Carolyn Haywood. Now she and I read most of the books from your boy list, along with the Warrior Cats books.

    I’m excited to try and find some of these books that you mentioned.

    • My daughter is in to anything animals too, so I’ve got the Warrior Cat books on my list to check out for her. I try to make a point of keeping up or a little bit ahead of them and I know it can be hard!

  9. If you can find them (Really old) read the Trixie Beldon series. My mom had the almost complete set and I loved them growing up, but they are hard to find now.

    • My Aunt recommended those also–she thought they were comparable to Nancy Drew. I haven’t see any around here used, but I’ll have to keep my eyes open.

      • You can find them on Amazon pretty cheap for some of them ($6~) then you’ll have 4 or 5 in the row of the series (last I remembered is 30 something books) that will be really expensive to find. If my older sister (20 years older than me, they were given to her) isn’t using them I wonder if she’ll let me “permenantly borrow” them!