Kids and Chores…5 Reasons Why We Don’t Give Allowance for Chores — 14 Comments

    • Thank you! I think allowance has become a way to bribe kids into doing their chores while giving them spending money you would have given them anyway if they had just asked. I don’t think it promotes a helpful heart to reward simple home responsibilities with money. I think other rewards are more effective.

  1. Stopping by from the HomeAcre Hop-
    Great post!
    We don’t do allowances either, but they do get money on occasion for out of the norm projects.
    They also have their own livestock that they earn money from.
    I think it is important they have money making opportunities, but like you we do not give a weekly allowance.

  2. Love this – “We want the jobs they do around here to be reaching into their hearts for good, not greed.”

    We didn’t get an allowance growing up, and I survived! :O)

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  4. Absolutely agree! I also don’t plan on giving my daughter allowance/points/rewards based on doing chores. I want to build a sense of family and build her a sense of belonging. She belongs to this family and that’s what family does — we take care of our home. It’s a responsibility being a part of this community.

    I was actually raised given money to do chores. I only did the minimum to get paid. Using money as motivator teaches a child to be motivated by money, not by their responsibility or care for the family.

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  11. When my children were young my mantra was “families work together” we did chores together because we are part of a family…period. I gave them an allowance but it had NO connection to chores. Chores were just family responsibility. Their allowance had only 3 stipulations…save…donate and then do as you wish with the rest.

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