Modesty Guidelines for Our Daughter — 18 Comments

  1. little girls and teens to mature women, look more feminine and comfortable in long skirts..imho..

  2. WHY are you so obsessed with what you call modesty in the US? IN Europe NOBODY talks about this. If you behave good you are good. Jesus never said anything about these things. Not a single word! To be Shameless is not to let parts of your body be visible. It is to lie, to steal, to do many other things. Just being dressed in say a short skirt does not mean that the girl is loose or anything. You are ridiculous. But as you are fundamentalists of some sort I am wasting my breath so to speak. BE FREE! LIVE AND LET LIVE! GOD IS SOOOO VERY MUCH MORE THAN WHAT YOU MAKE HIM TO BE. HE DOES NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR CLOTHES BUT YOUR SOULS!!! And these working girls you go on about, would you live their lives of drugs and poverty and all kinds of suffering. Go out and help them instaed of condeming them. Or any person for that matter. We are put on this world to love and have mercy as we all hope that God will love and have mercy on us. In my church women dress as they like and nobody think anything about it.

    • Good afternoon! This is an older post on my blog, but your comment was so passionate I took an extra moment to re-read the post before replying. I agree that God cares about our soul, and I think the post clearly states over and over that you won’t find modesty “rules” or guidelines in the Bible. It is a heart issue, there’s no Biblical mandate on skirt length. And each person has to address their heart issues and their family needs directly with the Lord through prayer.

      However, I disagree that this issue is not something God cares about. God discusses both the appearance of modesty and the attitude of modesty in the Bible and He cares very much how we present ourselves to Him and to the World in His name. We might all have a different idea of what He expects it to look like, but there’s no doubt from the Bible that He does care.

  3. I realize this topic is way old but Pinterest led me here. It seems that modesty has gone out the window including among Christian young ladies. There was a time when it was shameful to wear the attire of a harlot. The first time I had ever seen ahem, ” working girls” was back in the dark ages of 1989 and they were dressed exactly like what we see today. I see it especially in music videos. Oh how it must break the Lord’s heart to see His creation be so shameless.

    • I’m glad you found us and stopped by! It is a tough area to negotiate in this day and age. It’s also tough to find ways to not only enforce “rules”, but to help your children embrace the standards and understand them for themselves so they don’t just throw it all out the window when they move out!

  4. This is close to the guidlines I grew up with. I honestly think guidlines like this allow a girl/woman to have more self respect.

    One thing my mom told me when I tried to push the line was that by being modest I was keeping a special gift for my future husband if I married.

  5. Recently, we have been exploring this with a lot of prayer. We have started transitioning to skirt wearing. I am a very tattooed christian mom. I feel like the Lord is really laying it on my heart that wear are girls and we need to look/dress modest but also feminine. The girls and I have had some great discussions on this recently. It was my 10 year old very literal thinker who noted you should know it is a woman/girl based on silhouette in regards to what is considered feminine. I agree with your guidelines. We are not completely there as I said, but we are working our way there. To be honest, I just can’t dump all the clothes and buy all new clothing. Also, I want them to transition. I have to say for swimsuits for our girls when it is all girl company we let them wear tankini’s, but I have have found I love rash guard shirts and board shorts for girls. I am glad that our guidelines are similar to others farther on the path.

    • I think the prayerful part is SO important. We have to follow what God has for OUR family. I agree about the transitioning too. It can be a slow process (especially for those of us in God’s family that were born a little more…um…”strong hearted” then others! {smile}) and our expectations evolved slowly and with a lot of help and guidance from our church family and friends that were also further along. Plus I find we’re challenged constantly by the media, what’s on the store shelves, and what we see others doing. As our kiddos grow, they come up with different questions/perspectives from their friends that we have to address. We went round and round about skinny jeans at one point. Now it’s cutout shirts. Are they ok if you wear a cami-layer? We just have to KEEP PRAYING as we go along. Thanks for commenting!

    • I agree. I think this is something that every family has to feel out and determine for themselves in their walk with the Lord. I just encourage folks to think about it early, set some standards. It’s easier to adjust things as you go, then to mess up badly and have to start from scratch. 🙂

  6. Oh how I wish I could have had these guidelines growing up! Such a good idea to lead young girls in the way they should go so that when they can make the choice themselves they understand what glorifies God.

    • I think it’s great to get their hearts set when they are young as well, rather than try to “take away” things as they get older. And to show them while they are young and under less peer pressure that dressing “modestly” doesn’t have to be a big deal.

  7. Modesty is definitely a difficult topic but one that needs to be addressed. I work with the students at our church and am often appalled at some of their clothing choices! I definitely think it falls back to the parents and the lessons they’ve taught their daughters – that it’s ok to “show off” your body.

    Great job on teaching your daughter what’s right/wrong in the world of modesty!

    • Thanks! As a young parent, I find it really hard to figure out myself. Everyone wants to talk about heart issues–which is important!–but there still have to be real, concrete guidelines every day as well.

  8. We are pretty close to these guidelines. The girls will not wear any shorts or pants, so it’s more length of skirts and dresses that I have to worry about. For Bella, I’m okay with shorter skirts, especially since all of them are either scooters or she wears shorts underneath. With Sophie, since she is getting older we are more wary of hemlines. Thankfully my MIL is really handy with a sewing machine!!

    • who are you too judge what people wear if they want to wear immodest clothes that is their business not yours