Serving Muslim Customers at the Farm as Christians…the Daily Farm Adventures {71} — 8 Comments

  1. I came across your blog from reading someone else’s blog regarding Christians and dealing with people who are practicing homosexuality. I loved your response as it relates to Christians in the marketplace & handling customers of different beliefs by showing love and respect. Christ did that for each of us as sinners (Romans 5:8). The reason I’m writing is that I’m in the process of starting an online Christian business in retail and know at some point we’ll face these issues & topics. I believe interfacing with others of different faith & beliefs certainly doesn’t mean we condone nor accept how they choose to worship when it comes to marketplace ministry- because that’s what it truly is a “ministry” as you stated. Thank you for sharing how you all conduct your business practice with love and compassion for all of mankind. And, may God continue to richly bless your business.


    • Thank you! Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance between serving people and serving the Lord. I think we’ve been blessed to find a way to connect with other faiths without conflict and share influence without any pressure. I was a bit nervous to write about this topic, but we really hope our experiences will encourage others. And it’s been an amazingly positive experience for us and the kids as well. Best of luck to you as well!

  2. I love this post and thank you for sharing your experience. This is our first year selling ram lambs and our first Muslim customers were a couple from Morocco. (I see US in your description of YOU in the beginning!) This couple was charming and explained the holiday and were thrilled with our lambs. Our second customer was from the Sudan and brought his two grown (very American) sons with him. Dad told how he had escaped his home country during the revolution there, and talked about sheep farming on his family farm. All three men made it a point to tell me where the lambs would be kept overnight….in a grassy paddock with fresh water. I was surprised that they would be so concerned that I know the lambs would be well cared for. A good experience for us.

  3. I appreciate you writing this article. It has helped me on my own journey of caring for others around me (not Muslims, but other “controversial groups” in my area). Keep walking in the light!

    • So glad it was able to reach out and touch you! The farm has pushed my husband and I far out of our comfort-zone (we’re both kinda introverted) but it’s been an amazing blessing. Prayers for you on your own mission field. {smile}

  4. My dad, a Baptist preacher, sold many of his lambs to muslims. They also did their own butchering, the only thing they asked was which direction Mecca was. Seems they needed to face that direction. Never quibbled about the price either, paid premium price.

    • We do have customers want to dicker on the prices, but it’s nothing I consider rude. I think it’s just the nature of the “market” and we’re just firm about it and it’s never caused much grief. I guess it just doesn’t feel like a grocery store, more like a farmers market, when you come to the farm. {smile} We found that pretty much all of our concerns were totally base-less and it’s become an amazing opportunity for us to learn and open our hearts and minds.

  5. God bless you. He has brought your mission field to your doorstep. Many people travel the world over to be able to do what you do, share the love of Christ simply by building relationships.