The Roof Incident…Life with Coal the Cattle Dog — 4 Comments

  1. Well written, Very funny! Sounds like my life but in suburbia where there are cars zooming by and you are trying to catch critters! One time one of my chickens got out and the kind neighbor on the block over alerted us to the escape. What is funny is my kids took one look at our chicken and said,”No I don’t think it is ours. We don’t have one that looks like that.” Crack me up! They seem to be under the impression that others in our neighborhood have chickens and it is someone else’s. Not a chance. We are the only crazy chicken people in our neighborhood for sure. Always hoping for more though. I will look for your simple sunday link up this week.

  2. Oh Coal sounds like such a character …even if that means he causes you all sorts of problems as a result! Glad it all came good in the end.

    Thank you for adding this high flying post to #AnimalTales – the next one opens on Aug 8th so I hope you can drop by! BTW your link for some reason did not work so I have edited it in the link up but if you wnat to add this post to the next one I won’t mind at all.

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