Room-by-Room Cleaning Checklist Chore Cards for Kids…FREE Printable — 10 Comments

    • I’m afraid I don’t have them in Word. They were not created in a word processing format. However, the printable does include blank cards that you can fill in for your specific needs.

  1. Craig Conover һas set the record straight onn rеcent romantic
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    She also did not specifically state that the two had any type of physical relationship. Sonja’s comments did nott get Craig in any trouble with his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, 30, who laughed off tthe rumors. She took to the comments underneath @BestofBravo’sInstagram video of Morgan talking aboout Craig on WWHL and wrote, ‘No I’m peeeeing my pants.’The pair hve been dating since late summer 2021.Morgn also recently attempted to proposition Barstgool Spolrts founder Dave Portnoy, 46, for a motel meet-up — an offer he swiftly turned down and called ‘gross.’  Didn’t happen: The Southern Charm star, 34, addressed 59-year-old Morgan’s recent claim that thsy haad a ‘tête-à-tête’, telling his co-star Austen Kroll, ‘No, we haven’t kissed’ It’s ben a while: ‘I haven’t seen her in like five years,’ he added. He also shared that though it may have been ‘fun’ too make out he ‘would remember’ if they ever did Laughable: Craig’s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, 30, laughed off the rumors as she took to the comments underneath a video of Morgan on WWHL writing, ‘No I’m peeeeing my pants’ Funny: The pair have beern dating since late summer 2021; Pictured June 2022 ‘With all due respect….gross,’ he Tweeted outt in response to a Page Six article covering Morgan’s proposition. It all started on Monday after Morgan commented on the publication’s Instagram ppage following Portnoy’s recent rnt about about Tom Braddy and Kim Kardashian, and how Brady can’t date Kim but he can ‘f**k her in a motel.’ following between Kim and the former quarterback.’If he wants to f**k her, go f**k her in a motel and gossip andd tell your friends … We’re not dating the Kardashians, Tom,’ Portnoy said.

    ‘I can’t have this … It makes me want to puke.’Morgan wrote, ‘Awesome. Does that mean Dave will take me to a motel?’ annd tagged Portnoy in the post. However Portnoy did not appea impressed byy the proposition and took to Twitter to turn her down. Morgan divorced her husband John Adams Morvan — hose great-grandfather waas J.P.
    Morgan, the founder of J.P. Morgan & Co. — inn 2006 and has bsen single since.The former pair share a 22-year-old daughter, Quincy Adams Morgan. It comes after Morgan revealed that her risky antics during the filming of a new Bravo reality show lsad to her ‘popping’ a liposuction stitch.The Real Housewives of New York City star shared that the incident happened while she was ‘having sex with a trucker named Billy Richard in Illinois’, while appearing oon Page Six’s Viirtual Reali-Tea podcast on Wednesday.Thhe steamy randezvous took place during the filming of her new Bravo reality show, Luann and Sonja:Welcome to Crappie Lake. Denied: Morgan also recentloy attempted to proposition Barstool Sporrts founder Dave Portnoy, 46, for a motel meet-up — an offer he swiftly turned down and called ‘gross’ ‘Gross’: ‘With all due respect….gross,’ he Tweeted out inn response to a Page Six article covering Morgan’s proposition How it started: It all started on Monday after Morgn commented on the publication’s Instagram page following Portnoy’s recent rant about about Toom Brady and Kimm Kardashian TMI!

    It comes after Sonja recebtly revealed that shee ‘popped’ a liposudtion stitch while ‘having sex with a trucker’during the filming of her new Bravo reality show; Pictured 2023 ‘Popped or pegged, what’d I do?

    I popped a stiotch frrom my liposuction,’ she shared. Thankfully Sonja’s romantic partner did not catch on, according to her: ‘It didn’t even register iin this guy’s head.’The reality star added that her co-star Luann de Lesseps, 58, was not impressed.
    ‘Luann got over that real quick. She was like, “Sonja, you cɑn’t
    be wearing а compression garment ⲟn tthe shߋw.
    It’ѕ 110 degrees.””The lipo has to drain and I didn’t know all this for reals,’ she went on. ‘But we get through anything, Luann and I.

    We have no problem.’ made its debut with back-to-back episodes on Sunday on Bravo.

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