Looking to encourage your kids to get outside and play together in the fresh air and sunshine?

Want to get the kids out of the house and off their screens?

Want to encourage them to love nature, and see outdoor time as a great adventure instead of a boring requirement?

Want to encourage imagination and realistic problem-solving without heavy-handed lessons?

Want to show them everyday life applications of simple biology, math, and science facts?

Wild Turkey Rescue is Coming in 2024!

3 farm kids and 1 troublesome turkey…What started as just walking the dog turned into a life lesson and a grand adventure. Some laughs, some teamwork and problem-solving, and a little bit of science. Supervised by Penny the farm dog, of course!

Read our real-life farm adventure story that inspired the book here…Farm Dogs, Turkeys, and Snakes.


Join our everyday farm adventures and let NATURE and ADVENTURE provide the EDUCATION!

Based on the real-life Daily Farm Adventures of our own three farm kids, our stories share real natural science, sprinkled through great outdoor adventures with teamwork, problem-solving, and communication lessons along the way.

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