Walking in High Cotton is a daily blog about faith, family, and farming.

I hope to encourage families, to preserve our social and ecological heritage through intentional, faith-based parenting and heritage farming using simple, everyday moments. I post lots of original pictures and captions as a slice of life to my readers, and they are a well-loved feature.

I work full-time outside the home, work the farm when I am home, and do my best to keep the home. I love to read and try new books and products that are meant to be family-friendly, eco-friendly, faith-building, or helpful to the busy mom trying to keep it all together. We are intentional and discerning media users and I’m excited to partner with smaller companies that are striving to bring family friendly, faith-based products into the general market.

Regular topics at Walking in High Cotton include:

  • Being a working mother;
  • Raising our boys to be men and our girl to be a lady;
  • Learning homemaking skills I never seem to have acquired before marriage;
  • Learning homesteading skills I didn’t even know existed before moving to the country;
  • Raising sheep, chickens, cows, horses, and whatever else gets rescued along the way;
  • Dealing with grief and depression after losing my parents (and my dog), and being a motherless mother; and
  • Learning new crafting and creating skills, including papercrafts, sewing, and making stuff for my kids, their teachers, and our co-workers and family members constantly.

I’m glad to give full, honest reviews (like this one) of your product for my readers if it’s something that they would be interested in. I’m also a big fan of giveaways for my readers (they tend to draw lots of traffic!) if it’s a product I think is really great.

I use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest regularly and partnerships with Walking in High Cotton would include exposure through all of those outlets.

If you’d like to partner for a product review and giveaway, or are looking for a more permanent relationship such as conference/event sponsoring  or regular sidebar advertising, please send me an email to request a full media kit. I’m open to new affiliate relationships and creative advertising opportunities as well, if your company shares the values and interests of Walking in High Cotton and my readers. Contact me to share ideas!




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