The Dollars and Cents of Starting Your Small Farm or Homestead



A Decision-Making Workbook and Planning Guide

For farm dreamers and homestead planners…

Dollars and Cents is not your typical homesteading how-to guide. It does not hand you all the answers. This book, with its FREE printable worksheets, will walk you through the questions you need to work through for yourself when getting started with your small farm or homestead dream.

  • How to find a piece of property for your farm dream.
  • How to determine the most cost-effective building options and farm layout for your property.
  • How to choose the right livestock for your small farm or homestead.
  • How to decide when to call the vet for health and wellness needs.

Dollars and Cents will help you sit down and think through the hard questions. The heart questions. Questions beginning farmers often overlook. And help you launch your homestead dream with excitement and a practical outline for success.

planning worksheets

–84 pages

–7 full-sized planning worksheets

–immediate access to download a printable pdf (So print as many copies of the worksheets as you need!)

–prints fine single or double-sided

–prints fine black and white or color

–Purchase a pre-printed, full-color, soft-bound copy HERE


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