Welcome to The Lowe Farm!

We’re a grass-based, family homestead that focuses on sustainability, ecosystem conservation, and heritage breed conservation. We produce lamb; beef; chicken and eggs; wool and wool products (raw fleece, roving, batting, un-dyed yarn, on request); breeding stock; petting zoo animals; horse companions and 4H animals.

We do allow on-farm processing, with a disposal fee.

Livestock from The Lowe Farm have participated in County Fairs, YMCA camps, Library programs, Easter Egg hunts, pre-school programs, Christmas floats…one brilliant little bottle-fed lamb even put on a diaper and walked down the aisle in an Easter cantata at a local church.

We focus on heritage livestock breeds, as identified by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy.  They are hardy, easy-keepers (we both work full-time away from the farm!) and carriers of valuable genetic material.  Check out the ALBC’s website for tons of additional information and lists of endangered livestock breeds.

We raise Hog Island and Clun Forest sheep…

Jersey and Zebu cattle…

And several breeds of heritage chickens.

We love having visitors and giving educational tours or talks to school classes, recreational programs, and homeschooling groups. We see farming as a family affair, so feel free to pile everyone in the car to come visit!

{We both work off the farm, so take a second to Email Us if you’d like to come out to make sure we’re going to be here! Or you can use the links on the upper right sidebar to catch Jamie on Twitter or Facebook.}

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The Lowe Farm — 5 Comments

  1. What a lovely barn cat photo. I feel the same about our barn cats – and I’m sure that their importance to a farm isn’t understood by many.
    I love them all and give them names, but due to willey coyotes and owls, they rarely live past 3 years old 🙁
    I’ve enjoyed visiting. and Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Jamie–You are a great writer. I’ve been enjoying reading about the family (BUY a new toaster!) and the farm.

    You make me tired just reading about your day and all you accomplish. Just be sure to put us all to work when we come–we certainly don’t want to put more pressure on you.

    Be sure to have some “me” time too–it’s important.

    Love you!

    Aunt Judy

    ps: I’ll be sure to bring some “work” clothes along so the kids can tell me how to do chores.

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