The Dollars and Cents of Starting a Small Farm Printable Planning Pack




Our goal is to help you launch your homestead dream with excitement as well as a practical outline for success. We’ve gone ahead and created this planning pack of seven (7) worksheets to go with our popular Dollars and Cents of Starting Your Small Farm series.  

Dollars and Cents is not your typical homesteading How-To guide. It doesn’t hand you all the answers. Instead, this book, with its FREE printable worksheets, will walk you through the questions you need to ask yourself when getting started with your small farm or homestead dream.

How do I find or choose a piece of property for my dream farm? 

What are the most cost-effective building options and farm layout for my property?

How do I choose the right livestock to start my homestead? 

How can I avoid costly vet calls, and how do I know when to call the vet for my animals?

Can I really do this? What if this ends up being bigger than I can handle? 

Well, we think you CAN do it. We did it. And Dollars and Cents will help you sit down and think through the hard questions. The heart questions. The questions beginning farmers often overlook or don’t know to ask. It shares some of the mistakes we made and the trade-offs we’ve faced and shares insight into both the monetary costs and the emotional costs that come along with farming. 

You can do this–and this book can help you get started!

  • 7 worksheets
  • Prints well in color or black and white
  • Single-sided printing recommended (use the back for notes!) 


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