The Dollars and Cents of Starting a Small Farm — 7 Comments

  1. Former off grid farmer here. We bought raw land and over many years built our farm. We both worked full time jobs. It was really hard. My husband had been a dairy farmer. We raised Scotch Highland cattle and produced maple syrup. Everything solar and wind. Start small. Equipment costs so much. Get expert advice.

    • Yes, it’s a slow process. I think we all start with a beautiful vision and that is really the END product. But when you start at the beginning, it doesn’t look like that for a LONG time. Farming is a long-term endeavor and takes a lot of patience.

  2. Your blog is the first I have ever wanted to subscribe to, and Im so glad I did! My husband and I shopping for our “homestead”, and your experiences and tips have really helped me think of some things that I didnt consider (and now Im even more sure of our goal!). We have been raising layer hens and broilers, meat rabbits, a few ducks, and grow as much as we can in our backyard garden and flowerbeds, and have loved it, but we are ready for more and we have outgrown our little space. You are right about it not being “cheaper”, but there is something satisfying about sharing a family meal that you raised and grew yourself. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us!

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    • I’ve been reading around on your blog most of the day and I love it! My daughter and I are planning a trip to American Girl Store soon, so that post was very helpful, and I love the hardworking kids post too. I’ll be back to read more!

      • Glad you’re enjoying it! The AG store was definitely a trip we won’t forget! {smile} I think it has a lot of meaning when you save it up and plan it out and make a big deal of it.