I Am Allergic To… — 5 Comments

  1. Jamie – I can so commiserate!

    Allergies can make everything so ugh.

    I take claritin as well as sudafed on a daily basis for what seems like months on end. Finally one day I’ll wake up and be “normal” again. Hoping that you are finding relief!

    • I’m hoping my kids don’t have them as bad as I do, but mine didn’t really come on strong until high school anyway. Mr. Fix-It doesn’t know whether to laugh or sympathize…I stepped outside normal and then came in from the chores just sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and my hair was flying everywhere from tossing my head with each sneeze and my eyes were watering and red…he’s like “you were only gone for 10 minutes, what in the world happened?!”

  2. If you add cigarette smoke to that list, then you will have a list of all the things that also make me sneeze and wheeze and miserable too. And, on days where I’m off my routine and forget to take my allergy pills, I know by 10am when I’m sitting at my desk sneezing my head off!

    • The Benadryl seems to keep the worst of it under control and get the hives under control if it gets away from me. Then I pretty much try to work careful or slow to keep from stirring up the dust and wear long sleeves when I’m working with stuff that causes a reaction. It’s actually gotten much better over time as I’ve been exposed more and more to it. This time of year is just really difficult when everything is really stirred up and everyone is cutting their grass and everything is blooming. Ugh!