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  1. Oh Jamie…I had no idea about this. I was in tears reading the article you linked to. Such a tragedy…I can’t even begin to imagine. My dad lost his mom in a car accident when he was five…he was in the car with her and sustained a lot of injuries. He’s almost 50 now and Mother’s Day is still so hard for him. My heart is just broken for y’all. But I love the lyrics to the song and I know you are a strong lady. Lots of love from Tennessee! xoxo

  2. Oh my sweet friend, I had no idea. That brought tears to my eyes. I think you are very brave to share this. I wish I could come through the computer and hug you tightly and never let go. I loved this statement..”that I’m not healed if it still hurts.” I don’t think pain means you aren’t healed. It just means it still hurts. But it’s in the walking out the pain that true strength happens. May you continue to be a little bit stronger each day. And may your heart be able to sing in the moment.

    • Thanks for your kind words. “Walking out the pain…” I like that perspective. I find myself understanding “what I’m made of” and what matters most much better now. I’m learning to take each moment as it comes and with whatever it brings.

  3. Wow…what a beautiful post…you soooo touched my heart..I could so relate to your words.

    My journey has been for just 2 and a half years but what I have learned in that time is no one gets thru this life without a journey.

    They are different journeys…but we all will have one.

    These journeys can wear us down but they are what makes our story…I pray that your story will have a happy ending..

    Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for stopping by. I do feel like there’s been a lot of growth on the other side of this for me. It can make you bitter, or it can make you better. I think writing about it has really been healing for me. It’s really helped me face it and make sense of what I can and keep it in perspective now that I have a little distance from it. But it’s still a long road…

  4. Thank you to Alicia, the snowflake for tweeting about this. I am so glad I came and read it. I am coming up on 7 years since my dad died in a car accident. It is hard. The not saying good bye is hard. So many things unsaid. So many memories never to be lived. I feel for you on so many levels. The anniversaries are so hard…may you be encouraged by the comments you get on your blog today. May your husband be very very sensitive to your heart today.

    You have said some very profound things in this post. Thank you. I will be thinking on them as they apply to the loss of my dad and the journey of postpartum bipolar disorder I am working through. Thank you.

    • Oh, my heart cries for you too! Life can be so hard! Sometimes I find myself saying “I can’t think about that right now, I’ll go crazy if I do. I’ll think about that tomorrow” like Scarlett O’Hara, and you just go to bed and try to start fresh the next morning. Thanks for stopping by, you’re in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. You are going to be okay. Each day gets better than the last. When you are lost and struggling and everything is dark look for 1 thing that is good. It can be a very small thing – and hold tight.

    Wishing I could give you a great big hug.

  6. I wrote your date on the calendar after reading your parents story last month…but didn’t make it back on the 20th to see how you were doing.
    Crazy how those dates still matter…how it all comes flooding back….I’m so sorry….for all the hurting and tears…and for the ongoing grief.
    I know it is hard.
    But thankful to see you keep on…one more step…one more day…it’s okay to still hurt…and it’s okay to feel happy on those days when God gives you the strength to feel warm smiles.

    • Thanks for thinking of me and stopping by. The support of so many new friends here has been a wonderful help to me going through this journey. Sharing has such a purging effect for all the pain. It really helps me to move forward.

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