Making My Baby Do Chores — 8 Comments

  1. They sure know how to push our buttons, yes?

    Great pics of the mushroom stomping – how cute is he?

    And – kudos for sticking to your guns and doing some hard love. I am right there with you in the trenches with Sophie!

    • Sometimes I can’t believe I “fall for it” when he whines and sometimes I’m just totally suckered by that face. Especially if he brings the tears!!

  2. I can completely understand where you are coming from. I am going to try to get my oldest (almost 3) to start helping out where he can. When it comes to the underware thing, my son likes to put his on backwards (his cartoon undies) becuase then he can see the cartoons on them. He can’t see them if they are on the back! 😉

    • Too funny! I don’t understand how they can not be uncomfortable the way they bunch and sag when they’re on backwards!

      It seems like some things they don’t mind helping with and some things they just DON’T want to do.

  3. It’s called being stubborn. There are lots of things Wesley knows how to do, but depending on what kind of mood he’s in all of a sudden claims he can’t and needs our help.

  4. It’s that baby of the family syndrome. My [former] baby was guilty of all that. He’s gotten better lately. Between becoming a big brother and some of that tough love, he’s learning his place and his jobs.

  5. What a sweet stroll down memory lane for me… thanks for sharing and enjoy those precious little quirks! Little boys are a different breed for sure! But oh so stinkin cute! They will soon enough become young men.

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