Surviving the Strong-Willed Child…ren — 11 Comments

  1. I am so thankful to read this. My first child is very easy going. But the next two are very strong willed. I have always felt that I shouldn’t back down on the rules ( my husband agrees) But My family and his don’t they are always fighting against us. ( Even though I know they did the same with us. It is so nice to see someone else agrees with us.

    • It’s so tough! Do I want to “die on this hill” about whether or not my son wears cowboy boots with his shorts? Heck no! But what if the core lesson is that crying, arguing, or hitting the walls and kicking the dog don’t get you your way? Now we’re talking life lessons that no one should leave home without!

      Books by Karol Ladd (Power of a Positive Mom) and Elizabeth George (A Mom After God’s Own Heart) have been a big help too because they’ve helped us define what the real point, or “heart issue” is when we’re dealing with broken rules. If the core problem is disobedience, disrespect, or dishonesty, we simply can’t budge.

  2. That made me tear up! As a mama of 3 strong willed babies myself, I feel for you. Thank you for such a supportive and beautiful post.

    • Oh, you’re welcome! People don’t always see the challenges from the outside–or they see them and don’t understand them! So often, when people think of “life skills” they mean balancing your checkbook or how to change your oil. They don’t think about learning self-control, humility, or compromise.

  3. Yes I have a strong willed boy. Somedays I am ragged by the end of the evening. Thank God for coffee and quiet time and He mercies being new EVERY morning…
    Great Post!

  4. Ahh!! Like Annie I laughed in the beginning and then cried! It’s so adorable when you add in their quotes. How they talk to you is priceless.

  5. YES!!!! Both my boys are very strong willed. And so is momma. I struggle hourly to maintain my cool with my boys. I’m trying my best to use the Bible more with my parenting with them. HE is the only one that can use their strong personalities for good works and to show me how to help teach them to control and to nurture their hearts.

  6. I laughed at the beginning of this post and teared up at the end. I have been blessed with 2 strong willed daughters and I can already see the challenges that lie ahead of us…..but I’m holding strong to the thought that if we can reach these stubborn hearts and help them hold strong to Jesus…..they will have STRONG faith.

    That is what gets me through the melt downs and tears – and yes, I cry right along with my girls.

    • I tell you, some days I just don’t think I’m going to make it–then we have these…sent-straight-from-heaven moments and I remember that it’s going to be ok. Yes, it does comfort me to think of the amazing work they’ll be able to do if they set their stubborn little minds and hearts on following Jesus. If they submit to him (even if no one else!) they will accomplish great work in the Kingdom!

      (Glad I’m not the only one that cries from utter frustration and heart-break while parenting!)