Adventuring with Mud — 4 Comments

  1. What great pictures 🙂

    Our dogs ride in the back of our van – but never covered in mud! They go right upstairs for bath time!!

    • When I had a car in college, my dog always rode in the backseat. Once we had a truck (and two dogs) they rode in their crates in the back of the truck–and I was so thankful! Once we stopped with them for a picnic lunch at a state park and my older dog tangled with a skunk! Ugh! Soooo glad she didn’t have to ride IN the car with us for the 3 hours home!

  2. our little Dotson is the same way only he rolls in what ever is dead or has left its droppings! He gets a bath almost every night when the weather is nice like this because he just wants to run wild. We had 72 degrees yesterday and the rest of the week looks to be about the same! I can’t wait to go out and start cutting wood! Fall is my favorite time of year! Your little Cowboy is quite a ham! LOL!

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